Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy B-Day Nick!

He likes chocolate brownies over cake, sweeet!

Grandma & Uncle Mike joined us for Nick's 17th B-Day dinner, can't believe I have a 17 year old!All Nick asked for was a steak dinner, so steak it was! wow, twice in one week.

trick candles... love his smile

The girls watching Nick's every move, they love to see his smile, sometimes a rarity for teenagers.

Nick had a great day, he got some pockets knives from Dad & Uncle Mike (they think alike), $$ from Grandma's & Grandpa (just what a boy needs :), and a CD from mom, plus to motor mount for his car from us both. He scored! Thanks everyone.

What happened to my little boy? Happy Birthday Nick, we love you and wish you a great year! Keep up your hard work in your schooling, sports, church, and everything else you do. You're an awesome "big brother" and we're blessed to have you as our son, you're a lot of fun and you keep us all laughing!