Friday, February 20, 2009

One year ago today...

Was the day Sophie and Sage were sealed to us. It's a day I'll never forget, sealed in the exquisite Manti Temple surrounded by our loved ones. Click here for a recap.

This year went by so fast! It has become our "forever family" day. Another great time to celebrate life, families, adoption, God's great plan for us... If you know me, I'm always up for a good celebration, and this day means so much. Since the kids had the week off, we spent some fun filled days somewhere warm.


It was cute watching Sage peek around the corner, waiting for Trevor & Sophie to come (top right)

Showing off our February "tans"

Sophie & Josh making a splash, so great having big brothers!

Trying out some effects, I like the B & W & Sepia


Early in the morning, the clouds in the mountains were so pretty. I took this shot while driving down the freeway (passenger side), through the window and all.

We've been known to drive half a day for these breadsticks & pizza

I'm so thankful for temples and my forever family! I'm especially grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that blesses me every day. I won't say it's always easy raising a big family, but the rewards are great, I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Jill and Jer Sorhus said...

Looks so fun! Where were you? I'm jealous. It snowed here today again. We're ready for spring.

Kelli said...

check out those breadsticks. YUMMR. Looks like you all had a great time. love the feb tans. hehe, that made me laugh

Laryl said...

GREAT pictures! What a fun get-away!!

Dianne said...

Thanks guys, we definately have Spring fever.
Jill- we were in St. George.

Sheila said...

what a great idea for a getaway! Looks like a ton-o-fun. Those are some humongo bread sticks. Amazing how a few hrs south can be so much warmer weather?

Mrs.Mer said...

Happy B-day Nick-a!! I love you!!
Wow those breadsticks look amazing, where did ya'll go?
I too am thrilled to have the availablility/ commandment to seal our families,it is so neat.
love you all so much...

SSBenjamins said...

They sure are a blessing, I know they feel blessed to be in a family who loves them and takes care of them. Your great parents and your boys are so loving with them.. How did you get your signature on here? I need to figure it out? Give me some pointers if ya can:)