Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week at a Glance... Birthday wishes

Wish I had more time to blog, but family first right. So, here's a quick update of our wild but fun week...


First of all- Sophie & Sage turned 6 last Monday.

We celebrated with family & Grandparents at a Sunday BBQ w/ Grandma & Uncle Mike and the week before celebrating monthly B-days at my mom's (on Mothers Day). They were thrilled to celebrate with cousins, Grandparents & Mom's.

It also marks 1 year since Paul's motorcycle accident (tore the ligaments & meniscus in his knee, ouch). He's come a long way and has healed fairly well, but it still gives out every once in awhile and he can't do many of the sports & recreating he enjoys, surgery may be in the future. It could've been a lot worse and he's handled it well, what a trooper!

Monday morning S & S woke up bright and early, so excited to finally be 6. They chose pancakes for breakfast and wanted a jacuzzi bubble bath before school. We had their favorite Chicken Enchilada's for dinner and a game night for FHE, Sophie & Sage style- Red Rover Red Rover, Simon Says, then ended with a fun round of Croquette. It was a special day, they've almost been home as long as they've been in the orphanage.

this is what happens when you mix bubble bath with a jacuzzi

Tuesday, Sage gave her last report of the year on Monkeys, Sophie's is next week. They've been studying animals all month and she chose to report on Monkey's, yup, she's my little monkey (both are) that loves to climb, my little acrobats :). She gets better every time and had fun explaining to her class all she knew about monkeys, she even faced the audience this time and spoke loud & clear. She chose "G man" to hold her microphone so she could use both hands, soo cute!

"any questions?"

That night I got a sneak peak of Nick & Josh's Broadway Kidz performance while it was my turn for cast care during rehearsal. I can't wait to see the show, there are so many talented kids around here and the directors are great!

Wednesday I coached the girls soccer game. Their coaches were out of town so they asked me to fill in. The kids were so cute and most of them played their hearts out. Unfortunately, we had our first loss. But half our team was out of town and the team we played had much bigger kids (not that we can't handle that :). But they had fun and I enjoyed coaching. Sophie and Sage thought it was the coolest to have mom as their coach, maybe I'll coach them next year and change my track record :).


Sophie scored, love that smile!

Thursday I chaperoned Sophie & Sage's Kindergarten class to the Zoo. It was great seeing the girls with their school friends, it's such a fun class. My group of 5 had to research the Monkey so they did the Howler, and acted like monkeys, then lunch in the Pavillion.

Hurry so we don't miss the bus

straight to the back of the bus

And finally, Friday the girls had their magical birthday party- post coming. It was a big hit!

The bummer this week was a headache that lasted most of the week. I hardly ever get migrains, maybe two in my life that didn't last long, but not this one (must be from lack of sleep). I hope I wasn't a bear, I think I hid it well, but it wasn't a good week for a migrain. I feel much better now, Yae! Thanks mom & MIL for generously offering to help, it meant a lot. Next time I'll take you up on it, well, hopefully there won't be a next time. And thanks Mom B. for taking me to a relaxing lunch at our new favorite spot, very yummy.
Enjoy your Memorial Day week-end!


Kelli said...

wow your busy. Cute pics of the girls. Kimber never gets that many bubbles in her bath and she sawt he picture and wondered out loud ....WHY do they get lots of bubbles. hehe

The Boyacks said...

Looks like you have been busy! Loving summer - it is always busy but so fun!!! Glad the girls had a good birthday we were sad that we missed it, we were out of town.

insanemommy said...

Di - Hello! I haven't been doing much blogging as the FB thingy has been so much quicker. BUT, I just looked at all the new pictures of Sophie and Sage and can't get over how they've grown. They are such beautiful little girls. :)