Friday, May 08, 2009

Pinewood Derby & Soccer... way to go!

Warning, moms bragging rights...

Trevor, our engineer, getting his car ready for the big day
He chose the design of his favorite sportscar red Corvette, cut with dad's help, sanded, masked & painted
He learned how to change blades in a jig saw, sharpen a chisel, use a dremel tool, air brush, & polish an axle. Thanks Dad!

The boys

The cheering section

Guess who won first place?

out of all of these awesome cars...

in every race it ran


Way to go Trevor! This was his first & last Pinewood Derby (he'll be 11 next month). He'll never forget it.
He also enjoyed cheering his buddies on.
And the girls were counting down to the day they start soccer again...

Pep talk with one of their coaches before the game

Waiting on the sidelines, the kids are instant pals

Sophie running the field (they made 2 goals each) She was so cute on the field, every time she passed she looked at me with this huge grin on her face, and after her first goal, she ran over for some bones and high-five

Sage & friend Danica (green) out in front. Danica & her team were tough to beat, you'd never guess this was Danica's first year playing, she's a natural.
Coach on left, the girls think he's awesome.
Sage was so fast and usually coming out ahead with the ball. A go-getter.

Trev & Cade (neighbor friend) playing catch with a water bottle, how creative since they left their FB at home

Sage & school bud Max

I had to add my nice neighbor friend's comment she posted on facebook after the game (for the girls book)

Dianne,That was SO much fun seeing you and your girls tonight.. They are such fast little one's... Stay away from Sophie and Sage! They are so great at soccer and darling little girls. I love to play against people we know, kids are so much fun.. You look great Dianne. Your such a cutie.. My parents were getting a kick out of watching how fast and slick the girls play.. Great game Sophie and Sage.

So sweet, thanks Shalise

Of course it's not all about winning, it's just fun playing and fun to watch, the girls do their share of tripping over the ball and kicking it out of bounce along as they try to make goals :). The best part is seeing the sportmanship, team work, and new friendships they make. Good job!