Thursday, July 12, 2007

Football, Scout Camp, and finally... Dance Class (Girl Stuff!)

Sage (new half smile while winking) ready for her first dress rehearsal. They're performing at Raging Water's this week-end and wear their swimsuit under their dance costume (explains the outfit).
Like the "dancers do"- slicked back in a bun? First time I've done it, even without attending the hair clinic class they offered (can't believe all that's involved in a little dance class :). Anyway, it looked adorable and nobody would guess that less then a year ago they had the stylish shaved orphanage hairdo.

Preview of their dance getup

Sophie (left) and Sage with their fun and helpful dance partner. S and S are the smallest ones in the class and the older girls are so helpful and cute with them. They still get nervous, but they join in and run back to me every chance they get. Wish us luck, hope they dance this Saturday and don't get too scared (they have made sure I am in full sight throughout their practices so this might be interesting if they can't see me at the performance)

No frills here, what boy wouldn't want to hang out with their buddies in the mountains? I chaperoned Trevor and his den to Scout Day Camp this week. They had a great time and man, did they get dirty (Trevor second from left)

Go Trev!

Go white! Josh #15

S & S quietly watching the game... Ya Right-- too busy having fun with Kirk and Trevor. Good thing they brought their backpacks, you never know when you might need something :)

This weeks FFFF is "Play Ball", this works, to see more click on Loving Lydia

8 comments: said...

I am in love with your little cuties. I love their cheerleading outfits!

trish said...

Dance class has been so fun for my girls and it gives them such a feeling of pride. Looks like your cuties feel the same way. They have such awesome brothers too!

Robin said...

Love the half-smile wink photo. Also love those cheerleader outfits (and the gals in them of course)

Go Team !!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a great time at the Gorge! I miss doing, that, I remember it was really fun.

They look so cute all dressed up for their proformance! I wish we could have gone, I didn't realise they were doing it until my parents told us about it at dinner last night! They said they were so cute and adamant about staying on their marks!

Lauren and Ed said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the half wink smile pose.How old are your girls?

Cindy from central NC said...

Oh cute. I'm trying to talk Ed into the virtues of dance class. I think it is so good for little ones.

Lindsay said...

Hey Diane, will you send me an email w/ your address? I have something that Danny thinks Paul and the boys would like to see. It's just my first and last name


Sophie's Mom said...

Love Sage's wink/smile. Adorable!