Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Celebrating Pioneer Day

The girls first parade, they loved it! Luckily Trevor was their to show them the ropes, who to wave too to get candy and water. S & S liked the horses and the bands the best, Trevor liked the police formations on motorcycles, especially the cool one riding his bike like a surfboard :). At the carnival they enjoyed the fish pond, spin art, and the baseball throw- killer arm! Thanks Trevor for hanging out and helping your sisters.

They sat very still for the face painting, if only they would do that when I do their hair :)
Sage liked her butterfly
Sophie went for a simple red heart
Proud of their fancy bird puppets

Our city put on a great show for pioneer day. Breakfast in the park, Parade, City Idol, Kids area, Good food & Fireworks- fun for all ages. I was impressed with the cold drinking water stations they had throughout (hot day), and clean bathroom/wash stations set up all over. Well done, we had a good time.
I'm very thankful for the Pioneers who sacrificed so much for us. Nick got a small taste of this last month as he went on a Youth Trek trip with our church. He traveled on the trails pulling handcarts in the heat for 4 days. Tough on the kids, but they did well and it sure helped them appreciate what the pioneers went through and how truly blessed we are :)
We were happy to see Nick & Josh when we got home. They've been at scout camp for the week, the girls asked about them every day.


Robin said...

cool puppets and face painting!!

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

D. You always do such cool fun things with your kids. The love simply shines through. My favorite (I know it must be hard for you to chose) pictures is the one of you and the kids. "hot" momma!