Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Mine!



View Sage's Valentine Party

Josh ready for his Jr. High dance

A sneaky secret admirer gave our front porch a “heart attack”. Filled with paper hearts and a box of 7 yummy frosted cookies, so sweet! I must have teenage boys in the house. The give away was the heart taped on the cookies that said- “text me”. Had to be Morgan... Thanks cutie, Josh loved it and we all enjoyed the cookies.


Nick and Alexis, ready for Sweethearts Ball. Aren't they cute? She just arrived and Nick gave her the corsage. Then leave it to little sisters, right before I took their picture Sophie curiously asked "are you getting married?" Made her brother blush. A good laugh on their way to the dance, gotta love little sisters.

Their group had a fun filled day- bowling, ice-cream parlor, home to dress up for the Ball, dancing, then movie afterwards at one of the homes, most of the group were on the swim team. Fun times, good kids.


These are to die for, especially the coconut and dark chocolate ones. Thanks for a great Valentines sweetie!

Hope everyone had a fun-filled Valentines!


J and J said...

I can't believe your kids are that old! Crazy!!! How fun! Looks like a love filled valentines day!

Crystal's Digipages said...

I just can't believe how big everyone is and how fast they all grow up; it seems unreal!

I didn't know Ferrero had a variety pack! I have only ever had the gold ones; I'll have to go get it and try them all!

Chelle said...

I bet Nick just about died when the girls popped the funny!!! Good times for the family!

SSBenjamins said...

What cute Valentine's .. Love the dance pictures, I cannot believe your boys are old enough to start dating.. Loved all of the darling pictures.