Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend on campus

 Beautiful Rexburg temple above campusDSC_0037


We needed sunglasses!  Isn’t my dad the cutest Grandpa?


Silly boys


We spent a delightful weekend at Nick’s University (our alma mater), ordaining him an Elder as he prepares for his mission and finishes up his first year of college, one more month to go!  It was great spending time with him, seeing him at school, meeting his friends & neat bishop (he  had wonderful things to say about Nick and said he will really miss him).  My dad was able to join us, such a supportive Grandpa.  We dined and enjoyed the company, the ordination was powerful and touching (thanks Paul) and they invited us to attend their student ward (church meeting) afterwards.  That was a treat and brought back many memories of my three years there.  It seems like yesterday I was eating in the cafeteria, working on my big design project (always had a big design project due), studying like crazy while  going to dances, games, movie night with Pauly and my roommates.  Such fun memories… Although I loved it then, I’m more aware of the great spirit of this place now that I’m older, it will always be a special place and I’m so glad Nick is spending his first year here. 

They invited Trevor (12), our deacon, to help pass the sacrament.  So cute seeing him pass with the college students, he thought it was awesome.  You could’ve heard a pin drop in that meeting (I’m used to family wards), I was just hoping the girls would sit through it reverently, we didn’t have any books or quiet things we usually have for them, and sitting for an hour (or three) in church isn’t their favorite thing.  They did pretty good, the girls behind us adored them and told us how cute they were, one said- energetic but loveable, that about summed it up.  Everyone there was very welcoming and  accommodating.  See you soon Nick, I mean Elder B.!  Congrats!  

One of Nick’s best friend received his mission call to Japan, luckily he’s still  in the MTC learning the language preparing to go, he’ll have his work cut out for him.  Our prayers pour out to those in Japan!  His other great friend is off to Russia.  So neat to see these fine boys grow up and be strong young men!













Their favorite part, besides seeing Nick.  Nice posture Sage :)


Tina Michelle said...

Such cute pictures. Glad you all had fun. I hope your son enjoys his mission trip.

Kelly said...

Oh, I'm so happy for Nick. What a special time for him to be ordained to be a brand new elder. I'm thrilled to hear you were there too! Lindsey had told me he got ordained and I was really concerned that it was while he was at school and his family was missing out! Little did I know! That is so wonderful to hear that your family got to attend the ward and your younger son was able to help pass the sacrament! That is a big deal!

I love the family photo. You are such a pretty mom!