Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy’s Day


The Leprechaun stopped by today while the kids were at school, made a mess of things

DSC_5376at least he left some green treasures



Then our traditional Green dinner…  Basil Pasta, Green Salad, Parsley Baguette, Lime Ade, with Lime Sherbet for dessert.  There’s something about green food coloring in food that turns them, and me off, but they did have green milk for their breakfast this morning.  Meal was a hit, next year I’ll have to add a green jell-o.  What are you serving?  


When Sophie walked in the door and saw the mess & surprise, she asked with a smile “was it really you?”,  I didn’t reply so she just went with it.  And cute when Sage gave me her green silly band this morning, right off her wrist for mom, since I was in my non green PJ’s :).

Happy St. Patricks Day!  


Kelly said...

Cute! I love green food on St. Patrick's Day! The dinner sounds and looks tasty and festive. The green plates are quite appropriate too. We started having green 7-Up a couple of years ago to drink. This year was boring for me though. I didn't do anything, which is sad!

Dianne said...

Kelly, you do so much, and from what I hear, you're a fabulous cook!
I didn't do anything last year (juggling home & work), I feel more on top of things this year, so this was simple but fun.
Thanks for your comments, I was hoping to see Lindsey (with an "e" :) while we were there. It's been great getting to know you and your cute family, you are a darling mom.

Poelmans said...