Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wind Sock…


Working on their monthly book report, this month a Wind Sock.  Not due until Friday, but no procrastinating with these two.


Squeals when I brought out my Prismacolor Pencil Set I used back in Design School, surprised they weren’t all dried out.


Sage put her picture in the window to trace, adding every detail. 


Sophie carefully drew a dog for her book “The First Day Jitters” (funny book)


I love you like Crazy Cakes girls!!!  Sophie was done and off playing already.

Some things I really like about their school are monthly book reports w/ projects and different genres, monthly poems they memorize and recite, &  challenging spelling tests each week, custom to their level.  It’s a lot of homework with daily math and reading, but luckily they want to get it done first thing after school, even starting, and often finishing, in the car :).   I asked Sage today what she enjoys learning at school, she said “learning about planets.”  cute 

Do you like our new craft / homework area?  Out with the dust collecting large weight set, in with the homework nook (thanks hon!).  BTW, Paul has been doing P90X lately and is in such good shape!   Lost about 40 lbs, he feels better and looks great!  Post later on that.  

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Kelly said...

The girls are developing some excellent study habits! Such good artists too!

That is great to hear about the P90X success. I need restart that again one of these days.