Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never too young

Sophie and Sage wanted to try everything their brothers were doing...

2009-07-19 Flaming Gorge

So they did the rope swing, yikes.

I had to try it first, fun but scary.


And they water skied!! Sophie above, Sage below


Wow! Such strength & coordination, our brave girls.

Camping was oodles of fun, getting away from civilization for awhile, being outdoors in the mountains next to this beautiful lake. The girls were so excited to sleep in a tent and eat around a campfire, and the boys couldn't wait to get out on the water- wakeboarding, ropeswing, rock climbing, and exploring the lake. A bonus for me was flushing toilets and running drinking water a few feet away, we'll be back to this hideout for sure :).

Here's our yummy dinner menu, my friend asked what we eat while we're camping...

Dutch Oven Chicken & veggies w/ Dutch oven cherry chocolate cake for dessert (let me know if anyone wants the recipe)
Tin-foil dinners- meatballs & veggies (they each made their own at home just how they like it)
and Roasted hot dogs & S'mores, simple for the last night