Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Summer Days...


Day at Yuba, our first time skiing this summer. We had a great time, once we got our boat battery re-charged, dang thing, it's brand new (at least we didn't get stranded). We all got up on the slalem first try, yahoo! we lucked out with water that was almost glass. This was Paul's first time skiing since he blew his knee, I was nervous for him but he was determined. He wore his brace, took it easy, and did great. Phew. The girls were all giggles and smiles on the tube, even when they got drenched and sprayed in the face. Lots of fun, but man do I feel it today. It's been awhile since I've used those muscles, see that jump? I must do it again soon :).


A fun BBQ, swimming & FHE with friends. I was good to snatch a few pics, but only got these five. After some wild and fun time in the pool, the ladies took on the boys at volleyball. Go Girls! Nick was the pro at Mad Gab (LDS version), although he helped everyone else win with his authentic accent, he had us cracking up, and the kids thought we were speaking French or something. The girls and Zach went inside to decorate their bird house, and came out with their face and legs decorated as well, hmm... such good artists. Their cute twins (age 2) loved Shadow, sometimes a little too much :) but they loved the pool the most. We ended the day around the firepit making S'mores and being entertained by Nick & Josh on the guitar, sweet. Good friends, yummy food, and great times!

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Chelle said...

Mad Gab is one of my favorite games ever! Although I don't have the LDS version. You guys are having a fun summer I can tell. I'm still not used to Paul w/out his mustache. Looks good!