Tuesday, July 07, 2009


You only turn 11 once!

Football toss

Enjoying their Creamies, poolside. The girls are Trevor's biggest fans.

Just what he wanted- Bakugan, FB... & Wii Fit from mom & dad. Thanks everyone!

Cooling off. They enjoyed the balloon toss, under water limbo, volleyball, tramp, bubble gum contest- anything to do with water and fun.

End with a bang!

Happy Birthday Trevor,
T- is for Terrific, you are a terrific son, brother, and friend! Sorry, I can't say "tidy", I've been in your room lately.
R- is for "rascal", because you are funny. Witty with a good sense of humor, you make people laugh and are sometimes mischievous.
E- is for "everyone" because everyone likes Trevor.
V- is for "vivacious" because you are lively and spirited with a passion for life.
O- is for "outstanding" because you are talented in many areas and you give things your all.
R- is for "real" because there is nothing fake about you. You are genuine and true.
I'm so glad you're my son, you add so much to our family, Love you tons Trevor!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday TT!!
I'm glad you got to enjoy your b-day w/ fam and freinds!!
As for the other posts...
I love all the pics and can't believe how much they have all grown up, and soo fast. I love the girl's hair, so long and pretty.
I love the summer and am glad I can enjoy it too.