Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun in Southern CA

It's here, our Disneyland video! School started and blogging got put on the back burner, getting 5 children ready for a school year is exciting, busy, and time consuming. The boys started school this week and Sophie & Sage start Kindergarten on Tuesday, can you believe it? A quick update- Josh turned 14 on the 20th! we'll celebrate on Mon, Nick enjoyed a week at EFY (especially for Youth at BYU) with a good friend, I enjoyed a day of Education week with my sis, a recent trip to the ER, first time stitches for Josh- he cut his foot on the boat, just before starting school & sports, what timing, and good-byes to D & L :( post later. The summer flew by and I hate to see it come to an end, but it's time to hit the books and get on a rigorous schedule again. I love this time of year.

Disneyland was magical! We loved seeing the girls face light up with each new experience- meeting the princesses, Mickey & Minnie, parades, fireworks, exciting rides, and turkey legs for lunch... They had fun getting their books signed by their favorite characters, they look at them every day now. They even liked the roller coasters they were tall enough to ride-Matterhorn was their all time favorite, daring girls! The boys had a great time with the family and some time on their own in California Adventures. We used to bring them here often when they were younger, it's great being back with little sisters! Trevor was chosen to dance with Cinderella in the show. The girls thought it was awesome seeing him dance with their favorite princess! It was so cute and funny, but I can't tell him I put the picture on the blog, he was embarrassed to dance with a princess. He's so funny, and all boy. We also experienced the 5.4 magnitude earthquake while visiting the princesses. It was pretty freaky when the whole ground shook, most thrilling ride of the day. They closed down most of the rides for awhile, so we had a long lunch, We're just glad everything (& everyone) was ok. I remember a few earthshaking earthquakes when I lived here after high school, freaky.

Thanks for the well wishes for Sophie, being sick on vacation. The mornings were pretty good for her, but by mid-day she just wanted to sleep and couldn't eat- poor thing. Thankfully, she felt much better by the time we got home, we'll just have bring her back soon!