Friday, November 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink- "Gothca Day Outfits"

Sage & Sophie

They've grown right into these special outfits

Best Friends

Trevor's the bomb!

I took these pics a few months ago to celebrate their 2 year Gotcha Day anniversary, I better post before it's 2 1/2 years. Check out the first time they put these on after being home here and their 1 year anniversary here. They've grown so much. Love you sweet Sophie Mei & Sage Li, and TT!


Cindy said...

They are so beautiful!! You can see how much they have grown and trusted in their 2 yrs with you. We almost have 3 years and it is so hard to believe - they grow up so fast!!!!

Anonymous said...

You sure are pretty in Pink! I remember very well the day I first saw you and those outfits! Beautiful.


Danny & Lindsay said...

We miss you guys! Where have you been lately?
Hope you have a great week, love you all.

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