Friday, December 12, 2008

And the winner is...

The lucky number is 11, it goes to you Crystal! Congratulations!
I used for my random number generator, it chose 11.

Thanks everyone for participating, wish I had one for all, well I do, but not for free :). I'll do these random giveaways at every $500 dollars in jewelry sold online, so order, order. There's still time to get it by Christmas. Wear it proudly, it's for a great cause, plus uber cute!

School girls

Merry Christmas

(Trev felt too big to sit w/ santa, but agreed for his sisters, although he had that "oh, brother" look on his face, so funny)


Kelli said...

congrates to number 11, darn for me!

Sheila said...

Where did the kids go see Santa at? How fun. Congrats to number 11.
I took a look at your website it looks great! Best Wishes with your new endeavor!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you Di, I'm so excited to wear the jewelry; it is beautiful! Let me know when to come pick it up, or if your at the mall anytime soon that would work to! lol. Which Christmas card did you end up picking? They girls are hillarious, wrestling Josh in their Christmas dresses! lol

Anonymous said...

o! I added a link to your site from my blog! Not that tons of people read my blog, but hopefully it will help..

Do you have a twitter yet? If not it may help you to use it to network.. just an idea.

Dianne said...

Sheila, we saw Santa at Southtown mall. They changed companies this year and we weren't as impressed. Of course, the other Santa was the same one back when my boys were young, so we were a bit biased and tried not to be a Santa snob ;).
The girls had fun.
Congrats Crystal, I'll bring it to you.

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