Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catching Up...

Our lives lately have been filled with swim meets, basketball games, schooling, and a kitchen project that's been consuming my weeks (pictures coming soon I hope :). It's nice take a break and catch up on some blogging.

Go #31!

Trev's on a good team again with an awesome coach. I like the T-shirt he wears each week that says- "It's just a game" This is becoming Trevor's favorite sport.

Nick has regionals this week-end. He's been preparing by eating super healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and saving his energy for the meet, he even has to shave his legs, all for the love of the sport. Keep it up Nick, you make us proud (not just your dedication, but who you are)

On our way to the Draper Temple openhouse. What a beautiful an amazing Temple!

Ice-skating... And I thought outdoor pools couldn't be year round around here without a bubble. Don't worry, there's a sturdy cover between the ice & pool. They can find fun anywhere!


SSBenjamins said...

Looks like you guys have been having fun! I love the ice skating on the pool cover. Love the sports ur boys have been doing.

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Looks like tons of fun!! What a clever idea to go ice skating on top of your pool. Glad there's a cover though!