Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching Up...


All is well here, except for the cold that I'm fighting and refusing to let get to me. Loading up on vitamins and zinc and trying to lay low for awhile so I don't share, the homemade beef soup tonight helped. It's been awhile so I want to do a quick post before I'm out with Antihistamine's.

Sophie and Sage were excited for the week-end, looking forward to two birthday parties back to back yesterday (talk about cake overload). One was a costume party (neighbor friend) and the other a Pirate party (a classmate of Sage's). Phew, I was happy to see he invited both girls, that's a road I (and they) don't want to travel yet, although it's inevitable, so I'm trying to prepare them now for the tragic day when only one of the girls are invited to the party :). Can't believe I didn't even snap a picture of them in their darling costumes, guess you'll have to wait until Halloween. They had a great time and after the big day Sophie said, "Mom, I haven't seen you very much today, I missed you". Aaah

The boys have been busy, enjoying school, and doing well. Swim season has started again for Nick, his last year (Senior!), we're looking forward to watching his meets, he flies through the water. He's enjoying his Marketing classes and Social Dance class and preparing for college and mission, What, already?. He also got called to assist the Bishop in his priests Quorum, nice opportunity for him. Josh is liking his new school and being a 9th grader. He's having fun on the Volley Ball team, doing great and gearing up for basketball. He made a lead role in the school play. I told him to request a small part since he's involved in sports, but he got a large one. No problem, as long as he keeps up on homework, grades... Responsible kid. Trevor is learning the Saxophone this year in the band (just like his Dad). He's enjoying Scouts and Flag Football. His games are fun to watch and Sophie and Sage are their biggest fans, "Go Jordan!". I know it's a lot, but thank goodness Nick can drive, it goes pretty smooth. Josh is only months away from getting his Learner's Permit (yikes!). I'm thankful they have their own opportunities and passions to follow. We're enjoying our teenagers.


Studious Josh


Jazzy Trevor

As for Sophie and Sage, they have started Ballet. It may not be their favorite thing (compared to Soccer and Gymnastics) but they love taking it with their BFF from school, Halli. I want them to learn the fundamentals and it's so cute seeing their pirouettes and side leaps, bringing out their feminine side. They are liking it more each time they go. They'll also be starting indoor soccer soon, Squeal! I decided to let them do both since soccer is their passion and this is something they can excel in and enjoy together :). They are doing a lot better being in separate classes at school, although they would prefer being together of course. They have branched out and made good friends and they all play together at recess. Such resilient girls!

We had a fun Autumn break last week-end in Wolfcreek, then my DH and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary (wow, it's flown by). We treated ourselves to a nice romantic getaway in Park City, I'll post soon.

Sage, making a house

Sage, building a house

Painting after school

future Picasso's, painting after school

Fun with Kennedy

Three Peas in a Pod, great friends. Kennedy's been like my third daughter lately, she's a sweety.

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J and J said...

So fun! So busy! sounds familiar! We're so blessed to have little ones and bigger ones in our lives aren't we!