Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas in the air...


I would love to take a photography class, the last one I took was "a few years ago" in college :). I like these pics, I usually take quick snapshots.


Christmas stories. Keeping up the tradition, I buy a new Christmas book each year and add it to my collection. I spread them out under the tree to tempt the kids, which works well. When it's real quiet, I often find them checking out the books and reading their book of choice. We also read one each night before bed.


Something sweet for our sweet teachers in Primary


Sophie in black dress, Sage in red w/ Shrek Santa hat :).


The girls were excited for their Winter Program. It was so cute and just the right length, short and sweet. I was bummed that Sage's teacher requested they stay in uniform, when the other two teachers let them dress up. Funny though, Sophie was the one that complained that she had to wear a dress and dreaded tights while her sister got to stay in her school clothes. Can't blame her really, my panty hose are off as soon as I walk in the door when I have to wear the dreaded things.


tight group of girls in Sophie's class


of course they love Sage




Sophie, her friend, and awesome teacher


Sage and her teacher, expecting her first baby, a boy!


M3 said...

Fun!! Love the idea of Christmas books under the tree, we'll have to try that.

Have a wonderful holiday. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of buying and reading Christmas books each year. I think I will copy your tradition!
Short and sweet is good! I love the hats they colored too!