Friday, November 05, 2010

Parade of Homes

Found this in my archives, I should post it.

As a designer, the Parade of Homes is always enjoyable each year. Paul joins me as part of my birthday treat. The last few years I have seen more simple, well thought out designs then the super extravagant ones in the past, considering today’s economy. Below are a few favorite shots…

DSC_0361Beautiful backyard mountain scene

DSC_0414 Stunning city view, so neat at night

DSC_0409Soothing cool tones, like it

DSC_0406Warm earth tones (not my style, but well thought out), the rug needs to go the other way


Fun room.

DSC_0411I spoke with the designer of this home, impressive. All the natural materials, I like how he brought the outdoors in. This centerpiece is simply branches from an apricot tree. Notice all the live plants in the atrium below around the stairway.

DSC_0422Neat mural on the wall


Cozy bedrooms, drapes would add the final touch :)

DSC_0408Charming Cottage playroom


DSC_0385 My favorite pic of the day, Sophie (orange) & Sage (pink) joined us with their own digital cameras our old ones. The amateur photographers took pictures of their favorite things. Funny and interesting to see what they ended up with, I’ll have to post a few.