Saturday, February 25, 2012

Presidents Cup on Presidents Week-end

Crazy fun week-end, watching the girls and their team play in the Presidents Cup in St. George. 5 soccer games in 3 days, playing their hearts out. The plan was to keep the team rested, low key in between games (coach said “no swimming”, [but didn’t say anything about the hot tub] :). So we planned some fun get togethers with the families in between games- BBQ, lunches after games, game night, and a fun craft night just for the girls.


Lunch break at the Brick Oven, happy they won their first game of the tournament.

Over exposed, I know. My nice camera broke (Sophie!), so I’m using my purse camera for awhile, oh well.


Sparta Soccer girls. Traveling with the team sure bonded them together. They have so much in common, mainly love for sports and soccer, they’re all so athletic.

We didn’t realize the chaos in St. George this week-end (Soccor tournament, Baseball tournament, & popular Parade of Homes), and found our timeshare (condo) was all booked! Luckily we found two nights in a row from a cancellation, then had to move to a hotel for the last 2 nights. 2 room hotel, no kitchen, tight & cozy, but at least we had a place to sleep (one of the coaches had to stay in Vegas since everything here was booked).

We had some fun time with the boys while the girls hung out with their team (Poor Paul hurt his back pretty bad a couple days ago, or he would’ve taken them golfing, next time). We attended church on Sunday, it was packed, but great meeting!

DSC03602Cake walk at the condo


Their good friend rode home with us and stayed over the night before. So, while the boys went to to a movie, girl time at the hotel- a little jumping on the bed, good stories, and doing each others hair… I’ve never heard so many giggles.

Good playing ladies! Almost made it to the championships. Hard to take pics of soccer with my purse camera, Paul took some I’ll have to add.

Paul & I were able to tour some of the Parade of Homes, AWESOME, I’ll share the things I liked.

Hope everyone had a good Presidents Day Week-end.