Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Year of the Snake…

Looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year.  It doesn’t start for a few more days (Feb. 10th), but what a fun celebration the Chinese program put on at a local High School.


Face Painting- Sage chose “love,” and Sophie chose “bravery” since it was the biggest symbol :)  Seems appropriate, since they are very brave and full of love.

I was glad to see that Josh was able to read these symbols when they got home, from his Mandarin classes 


Chopstick training, lol


Sage painted the symbol for Spring time.  after this January, can’t wait for Spring!



They liked having their names written in Chinese- Sophie Mei (left), Sage Li (right)


and Trevor, I’ll be framing these for their rooms


we ate Chinese food, received red envelopes, did crafts, and enjoyed a cool program, it was a huge turnout!


In front of the amazing Great Wall

the year of the snake symbolizes good fortune, can’t we all use more of that :)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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likeschocolate said...

This will be the first time we celebrate cny and I am using it to prepare our boys to go to China. I need to go online to see if there are any celebrations here in town. On Sunday I am going to make dinner of Chinese. Happy Celebrations!