Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Soccer, Cornbellies, and Class parties

Their fun coach had a costume soccer practice.  Sweet seeing the team squeal and run over when I dropped off Sophie and Sage.  They enjoyed seeing everyone in costume.


A super cute, and talented team


Top it off with glazed doughnuts, what every soccer player needs.


The team met later that week for a fun night at Cornbellies!


Awesome corn maze this year, U vs. BYU, the girls had fun finding their way.


Class parties



Their official costumes.

Who knew racoons and clowns were besties?  At least these two are (90% of the time anyway).  Sophie cracks us up!  They both do, personality plus!


The girls were excited to go trick or treating with a close friend from school (they have such good friends).  They brought the group up to our neighborhood since our neighbor gave out full size candy bars, lol.


Then off to see both Grandma’s.  Trevor went to a Halloween party with friends, no more trick or treating for him.  Now, to figure out what to do with all that candy.  Last year they sold most of it to their dentist, it went to the troops.

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I am impressed they were able to find there way. That is one huge corn maze. They kind of scare me!