Sunday, April 22, 2007

FFFF- Toddler Art

Sophie and Sage are very serious about their art. They love to color and draw! Right after they got home, they would simply throw away their work when finished. Now they are proud of each piece and wouldn't be caught dead throwing it away, so we have a large art collection. (I keep my favorites and secretly discard the rest :).
Click on Double Happiness for more stunning toddler art.
Masterpiece Complete! --- Refrigerator Art

They love tinkerbell, which reminds me... shortly after they were home, Sophie woke up in the night, so I gave her a hug and tucked her back in. She was half asleep and pointed to tinkerbell on the wall over her bed and said "mommy". I guess I'm watching over her while she sleeps.


Anonymous said...

That's really sweet, about what she said! Are those the color wonder paints? said...

Dang, they may truly have a career in Art! They're wonderfully superb.

Dianne said...

Crystal, we love the Color Wonder, no mess, markers and paper. At least I do, Sophie and Sage are thrilled with anything that draws/colors.
Thanks Rony, the special color wonder paper helped, but they are true artists in my eyes :)


Cyrena said...

I never thought about it but you DO kinda remind me of Tinkerbell ;)