Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Break II- Scenic Lake Powell

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Wish every day was Spring Break. Sophie and Sage loved cruising in the boat and playing in the water, true beach bums. The boys had a great time water skiing and touring the lake. Way to go Paul, great slalem! I like to slalem also, but I'm a real wimp in cold water- the weather was fabulous, but the water was too cold for my blood. The girls (and boys) traveled very well on this longggg road trip, they said "all done, no more," when we were almost there, and they kept checking to make sure the boat was still behind us. When we first saw the Lake, they about jumped out of their seats and shouted for joy- "Daddy did it!" The boys thought it was cool to have their own hotel room next to ours (scary, we need two now). We had a relaxing drive home on Sunday (well, most of it)- tried to drive through Zions National Park, but we couldn't with the boat. It was still a beautiful drive with the stunning redrock sandstone and the awesome mountain passes. Very fun traveling and playing with our family!


Robin said...

Wow.. those are some awesome photos. Looks/sounds like everyone had a great time. I can actually say that when I see photos of families boating and skiing, I miss it. Enjoy every moment of it with the kids.

Yes, Minister... said...

Oh my gosh, this brought back memories! I grew up in Colorado and I can't tell you how many trips we took to Lake Powell!

Your girls are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time :-)

waterlvr said...

Awww...this makes me think of our annual family vacation to Lake Powell. We are especially excited about this year 'cause it looks like the Castle Rock Cut will be opening after more than 5 years. I guess it's all the the lake levels are forecasted to rise. has a link to the info. Exciting news!