Friday, June 29, 2007

Pre-school Update

First day of pre-school

Sophie and Sage have been going to pre-school for a few weeks now, and they're doing very well. Their awesome teacher is so impressed with them. They get a bit nervous when I drop them off, but they know I'll be back soon. After hugs and kisses, they make sure I watch them walk all the way down the stairs, then they put a smile on their face and walk in with a cheerful "Hello!", to let everyone know they're here. When I pick them up, they are so proud of themselves and excitedly announce- "I did it, Sophie did it!" (or "Sage did it"). They are treasures and truly want to please, as scary as it might be for them, they get so proud of themselves with each new obstacle they face. I'm so thankful for a loving, caring teacher for their first pre-school experience.

Their deep fears are slowly fading but not totally gone, probably won't be completely gone for some time- understandable. As prepared as I try to be, sometimes it brings tears to my eyes to think of them scared and alone, and not being able to comfort them for so long. Yesterday, when I picked them up from pre-school, their teacher was concerned and told me they had a small meltdown... After talking to her and the girls, I know what happened. She turned out the lights and closed the blinds to show them part of a movie and both girls started crying (first time since day 1 of pre-school, hmm... the dark has never bothered them before). After talking to the girls, I know it must have triggered a memory from their past- nighttime, orphanage... Being their with a group of other children, lights out, etc. Most likely thinking they were left once again. She said they let her comfort them, thank goodness, but they were truly scared.

My heart goes out to them, but they are troopers and survivors and I'm so proud of them!


Cindy said...

Keep up the good work girls. Preschool is so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks like she is a great teacher. That is great that the girls let her comfort them when they were scared. It would have been a lot worse if she wasn't there, I'm sure. It is good that they enjoy preschool! I have a feeling they will be well liked all throughout their school years! said...

Oh D. my heart nearly broke when I read your post today. How frightened they must have been. Yes, thank goodness the teacher was able to comfort your little angels. We will never truly know what they must have endured in their short little lives. I know you are such an awesome loving mommy. Keep the faith. You're doing a great job!

Hugs Rony

Diana said...

Your girls seem like such sweethearts. When I read your post, it nearly broke my heart to hear about how scared they were. Even now as I type this I am getting emotional thinking of what your 2 survivors have been through. They are truly trying their hardest, what sweet, sweet girls. I am sending them a big hug, and you too for being such an understanding and loving mommy.

Dianne said...

I appreciate everyone's well wishes. We were out of town last week so they got a break from pre-school and will return in a couple of days- so keep sending happy thoughts. Sophie and Sage send a big THANKS.