Wednesday, June 06, 2007

4 Year Old Pictures



I like candid shots best, but we just had to get professional pictures for their birthday. Sophie and Sage were so mellow in the studio, the photographer commented on how easy going they are, not realizing how apprehensive they were. The girls kept asking me to get in the picture with them, they did relax after awhile and we got some scrumptious smiles, especially from Sage :)

I've hardley had time to check my computer lately, let alone blog. It's been a good busy though. Sophie and Sage are doing well and are such a joy!! They had their last gymnastics class last week (Little Gym). They came so far in that class... They started getting excited each week to go to Little Gym and loved their last class, showing off what they had learned to parents. (pictures coming)
They started pre-school today (I think I cried more then the girls, not in front of them of course), and they started a fun dance class yesterday. Sounds like a lot, but it's spread out and it's so good for them. They were nervous at first, but joined right in and did very well! It's simply adorable!

Plus, my camera's on the fritz... especially sad because I got it in China. Yeh, I'm hard on camera's. I break it in, use it, and apparently abuse it it's been dropped a few times, but it was used tons... My husband just walked in with an early birthday present, A new camera!! Isn't he the best? I love it, get ready for some great pictures, as soon as I update all the pictures I must share from old one. He looked for a shock proof one, but this one takes better pictures, so I'll just have to be extra careful!! Extended Warranty? I just need more hands:)


Cindy said...


They are so good!! The pic of Sage alone is precious!! The girls did a good job taking pictures. Hope they enjoy pre-school!! Allie loves school and actually misses it this summer! Good Luck with your new camera!! said...

Gosh, how did you pop these fotos in without me seeing them? I swear I check-in here everyday and there was nothing! Dang... Also, how in the heck do you get your kids to sit for a professional photography sitting?! My girls are horrible. Katie screams the minute we walk itno the room. Something about the big table freaks her out. Abbey is totally spooked by the electic backdrops. *sigh*. We won't be trying again until next year.

Gorgeous though!