Sunday, March 01, 2009



Our little readers- Sage won't put down a book until she's got it.


Funny how she's dressed just like the girl in the story she chose, not planned

btw, If Ihad read this book before hand, I probably wouldn't have bought it (no offense to the author). The illustrations are great and the story is funny, but the disobeying part, my girls thought it was a little too funny. I'll post our favorite books sometime soon.

Sophie discovered a new found love- Basketball! She has carried this ball around all week, I even found it under her bed while she slept :)

Basketball Girl

A true athlete, a little dusty w/ cute windblown hair, my brown eyed girl. She just came in from beating Nick at basketball ;) I should've taped it! Nick was so good to help her score.

Her poses always crack me up.


Busy Mama said...

This is one of our favorites too - and Purplicious!!! :) Have you tried Fancy Nancy yet?!?! We LOVE her too!!

Kelli said...

the girls are always so cute and sweet looking.