Sunday, September 13, 2009

"I like school a little bit"- first grade update

I was thrilled to hear these words from Sophie and Sage last week, even the "little bit" part was understandable. This has been a tough adjustment and I appreciate everyone's caring remarks. I have watched my girls closely, and I've seen their strength, with much less stress and anguish each week, they are quickly becoming their happy selves again.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I felt I should give it a little more time then just 2 weeks. I could see that the worse part was over and it would only get better. I try not to be a helicopter mom (I'm sure I was one with my first child, but as hard as it is I know that they need to handle some things on their own according to age and ability, with guidance and comfort from mom/dad to help them grow, become responsible and be the best they can be). I know this challenge was huge for my girls and I believe it was too soon to have them in separate classes, combined with the big jump from half day Kindergarten to full day. Although, I knew the hardest part was over and they were improving each week. It's helped knowing that they can play together at recess and they each have great friends from last year in their classes and were quickly making new friends. It's been harder on Sophie then Sage, just like the adjustment in China was harder for her, bless her heart, but when she adjusts and bonds on her time, she does it very tight and is very genuine. I volunteer in their classrooms on Fridays and I've seen a big improvement each week, Sophie's great teacher has been keeping me informed and says she's really doing good and better each day, which I've noticed, although she's still a little quiet in the classroom. Sage has bounced right back to her happy self and never complains anymore about being in seperate classes, although I have to bite my tongue while I'm helping in her classroom (with her controlling teacher that micro manages everything, they can't even pick up their pencil without direct orders. An insult to their intelligence, how are they supposed to learn to think for themselves? Sorry, I had to vent a little). Another one of those life lessons. Although they miss each other, Sophie and Sage are doing much better and I have seen some good come from this- an improvement with their language, since they communicate with others more regularly. Less competition, although they are best friends and so much alike, they excel in different areas as well and were competitive at times last year in school. And more Independence.

Most importantly, I know the bonds between identical twins are unique and very strong, and it's great to see their excitement when they discover many of the same things they've done at school- learning the same songs, same stories, having the same homework... it helps them feel connected and they definitely enjoy each other before and after school. So things are getting better and they are proud of themselves for being brave, independant and conquering this challenge. I'm proud of you too S & S, you will never truly be alone!


Sophie- white, Sage- pink.



Jill and Jer Sorhus said...

So sweet girls! Those kind of decisions are always the hardest! Sounds like you have made the right one! Good luck with all your new changes . . .. house job etc. We'll have to get together one of these days when I come to Utah!

Dianne said...

For sure Jill, I was bummed I missed you last time

Sheila said...

Glad things are going a little better with school. Lexie keeps telling me when is she gonna get to play with Sage and Sophie again? I keep reminding her that we will try and call soon...All day school takes up way too much time.Tell the girls hello from Lexie.