Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ghoulish parties

Sophie & Sage have had their share of them this year... such fun friends! Next year I'll have to throw one. Here are a few public parties that I actually took my camera to (I've been bad at that lately).


Our town puts on an exciting Halloween Bash each year. They don't miss a thing, everything from scary stories, gunny sack races, to pumpkin drops from the top of the firetruck ladder. Topped with cotton candy and apple cider, the kids had a ball. Josh helped out at his schools' booth this year, and the kids enjoyed participating in all of the booths to earn their own pumpkin at the end. This party gets better each year.


Sage being the patient at the First Aid Booth, she thought that was cool.

A few pics from their class parties...

It was crazy trying to be at 3 different classes at the same time, you'd think they would stagger the parties just for me. I was the photographer for Sophie's class, but I slipped away to check out Sages & Trevors parties too.


So cute seeing Sophie and "B" coloring the same page.


Ya, they're popular with the boys already. Sage & "T".


Sophie getting mummified.


"Trick or Treat"

They chose their own costumes. Trevor the "Deviled Egg" (must be novel), Sophie is "Daphne" from Scooby Doo (she liked the big orange hair), and Sage is "Cleopatra" (she loved all the jewels).