Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trick or Treat

I'm a bit behind, but I don't want to skip this fun, wild night.

Halloween 2009

They could hardly wait to go trick or treating, but patiently let me take a few quick pics, mom's rights. Josh went out with friends and Nick stuck around to give out candy.


Trick or Treating in style, or laziness :)
There are a lot of long driveways and hills so this is the way to go, thanks Jeff.


This house freaked them out. They were all hesitant to pick some candy so Trevor went first, and got grabbed by the witch that they thought was fake. "Ne He He", way to go Steph

Hay Ride

The orange wig didn't last long


The highlight of their night, well tied with all the candy, was riding Buddy. They love horses and what a treat to get to ride one tonight. Thanks Laura, loved the light up hat!

Then off to both Grandmas.

Organizing & Trading Candy
The next day, I wondered what they were up to when they called me in to show me they seperated and organized their candy, ya, they scored. Then they had the big barter- trading and negotiating, brings back memories. Sage is the line seperating her's and Sophie's candy- lol. It was a delightful Halloween with my ghouls.

I had planned to have them donate a lot of their candy. A local dentist was buying Halloween candy $1/ pound and sending the goods to the troops, I'm sure they can use some chocolate. I waited too long and all the good stuff mysteriously disappeared, now I'm stocking up on toothpaste. :)


M3 said...

Love that sorting picture, especially with the human divider!!

Our girls have been sorting like mad every day since Halloween. Luckily they're ok sorting it endlessly since I only let them eat one piece a day.

Dianne said...

I used to do that until my bro-in-law (a dentist) says its better to get it over with and brush really well then to prolong the candy.
Thanks for visiting M3, love your blog!

Jill and Lindsay, if you're reading this, what do your husbands (dentists) suggest, or any other dentists out there? Curious moms want to know :).

The Boyacks said...

What a fun night. Love Halloween!!!!

Eileen said...

Hmmmm, I'll have to ask my husband tonight, but I do believe I've heard him say the same thing. The funny thing is, he's notorious for sneaking into the kid's candy stash at night.

But he does religiously brush and floss!

J and J said...

Jer agrees with the eat it all and get it over with idea. However, he's so self sacrificing that he sacrifices his own teeth and eats most of our kids' candy before they can get to it. Isn't he a sweet dad? I like the donate idea, that's cool! Jeremy wanted to give out tooth brushes once for Halloween and I wouldn't let him. I was afraid our house would get egged!