Friday, January 08, 2010

Snippets of Christmas Day

Yae, I finally get to blog about our Christmas. It was delightful. Somewhat different then usual and it seemed to come and go quickly, but it was filled with festivities, a few parties, giving/donating, and enjoying our favorite traditions. We usually switch off with Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, spending one with Paul's family and the other with my side, but we see them all on Christmas Day so we ventured off and spent Christmas Eve just with our family. New tradition, it seemed so natural. My boys are growing fast and it won't be long before Nick is off at college then on his mission, so it's great spending these special times at home with our family. Paul got off earlier then expected (ya, he had to work on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve this year, it stunk but was great seeing him home so early) We had a tasty dinner, changed into our new PJ's that we opened, followed Santa on the Web for awhile, made sure to set out his favorite cookies & milk, Sage threw in an orange, and listened to Paul read Luke II. It was very peaceful and meaningful. I even got all my wrapping done ahead of time this year so Paul and I could relax after the kids went down. I need to make a habit of that, it was nice to have Santa's little helper this year, thanks Josh.

Christmas Morning '09

Christmas morning. Sophie in robe, Sage in pink

The girls would have been perfectly happy with just their stocking, filled with little gifts and treats, it was serious stuff. But they've been good and Santa brought them what they asked for. An Easy Bake oven with all the mixens, let the baking begin! They also opened some fun learning games, books, arts & craft projects, a new dress and a special necklace from mom. I loved seeing their faces light up with each gift, didn't get many pictures after the stocking.

The boys dodged the camera, but Trevor managed to get the Wii game he wanted, a football, Bakugan figures... He used his Christmas money from Grandma and bought his brothers Airsoft Gun off of him. He scored!

Nick & Josh got some nice things too, but they're both saving up for something big so they mainly got $$. They were thrilled.

My babe surprised me with an awesome small and great quality Sony camera, perfect for my purse when I don't have my big Nikon. Now I won't miss all those shots when I wish I had my camera. He is so thoughtful!

It was a nice Christmas, not too overabundant, very nice.

Christmas Day '09


Cousins... it was great having them in town and all together again. They had fun catching up, playing games & music. Such good boys! They're growing way too fast- notice the picture on the back wall of my boys when Trevor was a baby (Grandma B's house).


Grandma & Grandpa D's house. More hugs, treats, gifts & kisses. Thanks everyone for making Christmas special, it wouldn't be the same without all of you.

Hope everyone had a delightful Christmas!