Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it dark in Jail?

2010-01-13 Girls curls

Has anyone seen "Savanna Smiles" filmed back in '82? Sophie and Sage love this show, just like their mom.

The year between high school and college I moved to Southern CA and nannied for the dad of this show (Chris). His boys were 2 & 4. What a fun job, I loved caring for those boys. The last time I saw their mom was 5 years ago while vacationing with my own boys. It was great catching up, we were like sisters while I lived there, only 10 years apart. Her boys have all but grown- the oldest at West Point, and the youngest playing professional hockey, goalie. I can totallly picture them doing that. Great memories...

Well, back to my post... Sophie and Sage can be so tender, don't let their energy and confidence fool you, they are also sensitive and sweet.

The girls and Trev have a few days off so while I got some work done and breakfast going this morning (french toast w/ cinn. & nutmeg, yumm) they watched Savannah Smiles. Sophie and Sage were so into it and watched every scene, Trevor claimed he was watching it for the girls sake. When it was over, Sage came to me with teary eyes- "Is it dark in Jail?" The ending is a tear jerker as the men that took care of Savannah went back to jail, it touched both girls. I gave her a hug and told her "only at night". I didn't ask, but could tell she was concerned and maybe thinking about dark times being alone in the orphanage. She has always been sensitive about things like this. I love how compassionate they are to others who are hurt or alone. Her favorite books are the Giving Tree and Puff the Magic Dragon, she has many questions and feelings about them being left alone, such a big heart.

Sophie is also very tender. She has taken upon herself the job of Shadow's little caretaker. The first thing she does each day after school is check on Shadow and get her food and water. She's never been asked to do this, just something she has taken over. Love it. Whenever Shadow isn't around, she can be found in Sophie's bed.
Last night while watching AI, Sage was on my lap. She's usually the one that runs into my arms and likes to be held and cuddled, no reservations, although I make sure Sophie gets that special mommy daughter time as well. After awhile Sage left my lap and Sophie came close to me. I pointed next to me and said have a seat. She quickly jumped up and said "oh, you're alone" and cuddled so close, so happy to keep me company and have mommy time. Such a little caretaker.

Just a few simple things that made my day today, love my girls!


SSBenjamins said...

Oh my heck, totally LOVE that movie, I need to rent it or buy the movie, my Kids would love it, I love how sweet your girls are, I bet we cannot even imagine all that they went through in the orphanage they were in. Your a great Mom and I know they will look back and appreciate the sacrifice you and Paul have done for them.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen that movie; I'll have to rent it some day!

They are so sweet; They are fun little girls and they're growing up so well.

J and J said...

Sweet thoughts Diane. Love your pictures and blog! Sweet girls!