Friday, July 09, 2010

Fun for the Fourth

Non-stop celebrating over the week-end and still going, certainly no complaints from these three partygoers…

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We’re usually at our favorite lake over the 4th, but this year we stuck around here, almost as fun, in a different way, the younger kids liked it just as much.  We enjoyed the ward party Friday night, I helped with the relay games for the kids, and they loved the Dutch Oven desserts, short program & singing, and best of all sleeping in a tent that night (the girls have been dying to go camping all summer after seeing their brothers on so many scout camps, they were thrilled to sleep in a tent, even if it was on grass at the Stake Center ;).  We woke up to a big breakfast, and the kids showed their patriotic pride in the children’s parade.  They liked the idea of waving and throwing candy to the adult spectators on their RWB decorated bikes and boon duggy float, a hoot.  Saturday we spent half the day swimming and BBQ’ing with friends, then off to see fireworks.  Home to light sparklers then joined our neighbors for their firework show, thanks Laura!  These partygoers slept like a baby.  I have to admit, it’s hard believe it will be a few years that we’ll all be together again for the 4th.  Who said my boys can grow up so fast?

Happy Independence Day, God bless our country!