Sunday, July 04, 2010

My American Girls from China~ (Sunday Snapshot)

That’s what my precious girls are, I hope they are always proud of it, of  both cultures.  We hold it very dear, and have only added more joy and traditions by embracing the Chinese heritage in our family as well, making it tradition to celebrate CNY, Moon Festival…  Although I see some of our freedoms diminishing, I’m proud to be an American and love  hearing S & S sing this song.  It’s been great teaching them about God, our great country, and how special they are.  I love seeing them with their brothers & family.  It’s a small world, they are proud to be an American, and we’re so glad they’ve added more traditions and culture in our lives.

DSC_0272 (1) 

DSC_0267 (1)DSC_0280 (1)DSC_0278 (1)DSC_0293 (1)DSC_0288 (1) 

Sophie- plain red skirt, Sage- with stars

Happy Independence Day!

Ni Hao Y'all


Stefanie said...

What an adorable set of pictures!
I so agree... there are SO many reasons to be grateful that we live in America... we are blessed indeed :)
Happy Independence Day!!

Wanda said...

Great post - your twins are so adorable!

Kelli said...

I am so behind on my own blog and reading blogs, thanks to facebook. ugg. The girls are so big and so cute!

Tina Michelle said...

Oh my, they are beyond cute! Love the outfits!