Sunday, January 09, 2011

Homemade Wontons

Gave Nick his choice of dinner before heading back to school, he didn't hesitate and requested homemade Wontons...DSC_4869I pulled out my favorite Wonton recipe and gathered the guys . It’s a group effort, and a great time to catch up on the latest “what movie is this from” quiz. The girls and Trevor can quote lines from about any movie they've seen :).


DSC_4895Sophie made her signature Rocket Wonton, so she’d know which ones are hers

DSC_4910 Paul’s were as neat as a pin

DSC_4857and they were as tasty as can be, with a little Kokomo’s sweet and sour sauce


Good choice for dinner Nick, he was thankful to have a homemade meal. Have a great second semester! It's been great having you home for the holidays.


SSBenjamins said...

YUMMY, do you think I could get the recipe? Shawn would LOVE it.. how fun it is to all be working together for dinner. So cute!

Kelly said...

Yum! Those sound really tasty. I hope Nick has an excellent second semester too!

Dianne said...

Shalise, I'll bring you a copy of the recipe tomorrow. They are delich!