Friday, January 28, 2011

Klondike Derby

I never sleep well on these nights each year, when my boys and their dad are sleeping in the mountains in frigid temperatures. Ya, no cabin, no car, no heater if they need it. The group hiked 5 miles with snow shoes to set up camp for the night. Luckily they had a fire, then made snow caves and some had tents to sleep in. Well, everyone survived and my boys came home for thawing and a nice warm shower. They had a good time and I slept much better the next night.


Sophie in red, Sage in pink

Since all my babysitters were out roughing it, the girls went with me Saturday morning to finish up a shutter deal, to finalize and sign papers. They were excited to go to work with mom, I knew it wouldn’t take long and my client really enjoyed them, making sure they left with cookies. I should take them to work with me more often, I’d get every job :) We headed to IHOP after for a warm breakfast but the wait was too long so we made our own yummy breakfast.



Then a good time playing Trivial Pursuit- kids version, their choice. Cute to see their excitement as they answered most questions correctly, some by process of elimination. Thrilled to get questions on what they have just learned about Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party... and learned some new things… like it only takes 1 minute to shear a sheep :).


A relaxing morning with some one-on-two girl time.