Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day


DSC_0375DSC_0388Sage- pink, Sophie- blue


Josh & Kayla- Sweethearts Ball.  Their group spent the day snowboarding, then off to their first formal dance.  Nick went to one t00 at BYU-I, I’ll add pics when I see them.  Even Trevor (12) has a Valentine, sigh  what happened to my little boys?  Fun times.   


Off t0 help at Trevor’s and the girls class Valentines Parties

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Football and Fried Rice said...

I love kayla's shoes - is that wrong?? ha, ha!! can't believe all the sweethearts at your house! And I love the girls coordinating outfits - couldnt be any cuter!!

Dianne said...

I know, she looks darling. It was cute when she asked Josh how tall he is, making sure those shoes work. I want to borrow them someday, just don't know what I'd wear them too...

Kelly said...

The black and hot pick look so Valentines-y and the "sweethearts" look so cute together. I like those tasty chocolate wafer cookies too.