Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nick- {Sunday Snapshot}


Had to get some family shots while we’re together, all dressed up.  Made me laugh when I noticed how Bruno snuck in the picture.  He’s never far from my feet.


It’s great having Nick home for the week-end, the girls get so excited when they hear he’s coming, and his brothers can’t wait to see him again.  It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen him last, busy college student.  Even when he’s home we have to share him as he catches up with his friends,  but glad to have him Sunday all to ourselves, and it was great having his friend Lindsay join us for dinner on Friday.  He’s preparing his mission papers, so he got his first suit yesterday and we took some missionary pics.  Pretty spiffy.

DSC_0025making us laugh, always


Having fun- Sophie purple plaid, Sage pink plaid

Nick, we’re so proud of you!  You and I, sometimes we’re on different planets, but you have always been my pride and joy, my firstborn.  How smart and enjoyable you are, how much you’ve added to our lives, broke us in to parenting as our first child, with such a big heart and a great example to your siblings.  You have always had wonderful friends and held on to them, even from grade school, a very lovable person.  You always make us laugh.  We are happy for your future endeavors and send you our blessings.  Keep staying strong, always learning, sharing, & leading and know how much your family loves you! 

Ni Hao Yall

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Jen said...

beautiful pics!

DawnS said...

Beautiful family shots!

Tina Michelle said...

Great pics! I love that one of him in the suit by himself. Glad you could have a nice visit.

Kelly said...

Nick looks handsome in his new suit! Thank you for welcoming Lindsey (it's with an e, btw) for dinner, etc. Your family is just lovely. I always wanted to have five kids! And twins! How blessed that you got both.

As far as the different planets comparison goes, I personally think it's easier to understand daughters than sons. Ha ha. Boys are weird. (just kidding) It sounds like you're both appreciating each other a little better during the college years, and that's wonderful.

Dianne said...

LOL. True, boys certainly can be weird at times, but what would we do without them? and it's so fun having sons. Kelly, 5 is a good number, only 3 more to go, maybe triplets in your future? You're so blessed too with your awesome family. Thanks all for the nice comments.

Grma said...

Just got caught up on your posts. Great work Dianne!! Love to get caught up on the family, funny you say you're from different planets. Nick looks great in a suit. Exciting times, college, preparing for his mission. I can't wait to hear the news, he'll be an awesome missionary. The twins are growing up so fast also, darling as usual. And Josh getting an invite to the sweethearts ball. When did he grow up? Where has Grma been? Of course Trevor is changing and growing also. My sweet grandkids aren't so young anymore. I am proud of you and your family!!
Love, Mom