Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sock Hop & Sadie Hawkins- {Sunday Snapshot}
















Awww, Ready for one of their BFF’s Sock Hop b-day party.  Cute when they called it a “Hop Sock”.


Sophie- left, Sage- right 

Looking s0 grown up and getting their own look, they’re certainly not identical.


Thrilled to see their old friends from last year (different school this year), they miss seeing them every day.  Happy Birthday A!  Fun Sock Hop! 


A quick pic of Josh & Whitney, off to Sadie Hawkins- Western theme this year, so cute!

There’s always a good laugh when raising kids… when she was secretly asking my Josh to the dance (girls choice), she got the wrong Josh.  There is another Josh in his large HS with the same last name, same grade, they even have some classes together (poor teacher).  So my Josh got a call from the other Josh, asking if he knew Whitney, “Yes”, “well I think she just asked you to Sadie Hawkins.”  The other Josh went on this fun, creative Treasure Hunt with treats & prizes, only to find out it was for my Josh.  Dang, but pretty funny.  They figured it out and had a great time at the dance.      

Sunday Snapshot

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J and J said...

Your girls are just darling! Wow dating! Don't know if I'm ready for that

Four under Four said...

You always find the cutest dresses! Where did these ones come from? (I like to copy your style). :)

Dianne said...

Thanks guys. I got the dresses at Kohls, a great deal, 40% off, just over $10 each, can't beat that.