Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happiest place on earth…

0608A.JPG hard to argue with that


Two excited little girls,


and three thrilled boys,


make for one fabulous day!


A highlight meeting up with Danny & Lindsay.  More exciting then seeing Mickey, and they love Mickey!  Their adorable baby is all smiles and so sweet!  Glad you could join us D & L.




Of course we had to ride the Tea Cups.  Good sports, the boys riding with the family, they had that cup spinning!  Besides Peter Pan (one of my favorites), this was the only kid ride we went on.  The girls enjoy roller coasters and thrill rides like the rest of us, their favorite was Space Mountain, and of course they liked Pirates of the Caribbean & Haunted Mansion.  So nice having them big enough to ride most all of the rides.  They didn’t like It’s a Small World and the Tikki Room, saying it was fake, hee hee.  The only thing that scared them were the witches during Fantasmic.  They’ve always been petrified over the wicked stepmother & witches portrayed in Disney movies.  And, although they may not admit it, they were mesmerized by the princesses, especially watching them dance on the ship.  They thanked me about five times each for coming here.

Last time we were here, poor Sophie was sick and my boys (except Nick) weren’t taller then me, seems like yesterday-  here, here, and here


Where dreams come true.

So glad we were able to do this as a family before Nick is off on his mission.  Our last Spring Break for awhile with all of us together.


Kelly said...

What a fun family trip! It's nice you were all able to have a getaway before Nick leaves. I'm so anxious for his call to get here!

Dianne said...

Us too, you guys will be one of the first to know where he's going, I'm sure.