Monday, June 13, 2011

Quite the athletes- they made it!


If  it has anything to do with a ball, or sports, Sophie and Sage are into it.  Basketball, kickball, tennis, biking, swimming…  but soccer is their all time favorite, they even sleep in soccer shorts.   They were on two soccer teams this year (long story, but it worked out great, phew)

Scan 2The Red Dragons

this was a fun team.  They may be one of the smallest on the field, but don’t let that fool you, they really stand out.  The coaches wife said the coach wanted to take them home, so impressed with them & their skills, and their cuteness of course.  He chuckled each time they made a goal with their cool, matter-of-fact look on their face like “that was easy”.  They are such naturals, kick it right with such power,  play positions, don’t steal the ball from their teammates or throw elbows like some do, and have good sportsmanship.  It is a darling team and they made many new friends.  Red Dragons won all but one game ;)  Go Red Dragons!

Green dragons Sage

Green dragons Sophie and the Green Dragons (hmmm, wonder who made up the names :)

“Peace, love, rock the field.  Peace, peace, love, love, rock the field!”  was the cute cheer this team cheered each week.  This is their 3rd and last year playing on this awesome team (I think they only lost once or twice in 3 years),  they learned a lot on this team- playing positions, great form, teamwork, they’ll miss it and their friends, but both girls made the Sparta Premier team.  They are so excited!  another girl from this team made it too :). woohoo S & S!

I am happy for them, it’s not an easy team to make.  They started training last week and it should be good, but I’m concerned at some of the tactics, they have a  pretty controlling coach.  Their practices are almost 2 hours long, luckily only twice a week right now.  So far they like it and want to go for it.  So Sparta it is, they have their first tournaments in Park City in Aug.

Scan 5Scan 5

Speaking of sports, this was another amazing team that Trevor (#17) was on- undefeatable! (only one in the league that didn’t lose).  But the best part is how the boys played together and their amazing coach.  He was professional and great with the boys, a step above of the rest.  He even calmed the parents when the score was close.  Good job boys, great season!!