Saturday, June 18, 2011

Piano Recital- {Sunday Snapshot}


Sage’s Recital

Sage cracks me up, she doesn’t like being in the spotlight and looks bored in her performance, lol, but she loves piano and her fun teacher.

Sophie’s Recital

Good job girls!  Not bad for only seven months of lessons, kudos to their talented teacher.  They really enjoy piano and practice often throughout the day, even learning their big brothers songs. 


Their first roses :), thanks dad!  They came straight from soccer, had to dress and do hair in the car. 


They loved getting roses from dad and took good care of them- keeping them in the sun with plenty of water and rose food.  Such disappointment when they saw them die so quickly, I should’ve warned them that once cut, they don’t last long.  At least they enjoyed them for a short time.

Sunday Snapshot

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Sophie said...

Wow they are awesome at the piano, and such sweet girls

Vivian said...

I was about that age when I started playing. And as many times as I said I didn't enjoy it I'm so glad my mom( and I) persevered. They did are great job and they look so cute in their white dresses. Found your blog through Sunday Snapshot...and pretty glad I did :) Following!

Kelly said...

Their seven months of lessons has paid off, they sounded great! They look so pretty in their white dresses, even after soccer practice. How sweet that their daddy gave them roses!

Jen said...

Such cute youngest wants to take piano lessons. Perhaps we should try it out.

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