Sunday, September 18, 2011

State Fair Time… {Sunday Snapshot}

Nothing like a good old fashioned Fair to enjoy with the family.  Shortly after the girls were home, we took them to the Fair here.  They had a few fears but had a great time.  It’s about time we did it again, we visited the cows first…

DSC02975DSC02974Aaaw, this baby calf was born 5 hours ago.  Didn’t even have it’s eyes open yet.  The girls were thrilled to see it.

DSC02978Animal Lovers


It was a delightful day with the kiddos, Josh had to work, missed him!  The Midway rides, Pony ride, Funhouse, Gunnysack Slide were some of their favorites.  They loved the Clydesdales in the horse pull.  Not to mention the food~ BBQ’d corn on the cob, pretzel's & Cotton Candy- sounds like a balanced meal to me, for the Fair anyway.  We ended up going to dinner after for a good meal, Josh met up with us :).  


Strong dad!  Thanks mom & dad for taking us to the Fair.  We loved it!


Sunday Snapshot

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Virginia said...

We LOVE fairs in our house, too. Your girls are cute as can be, and it looks like they had a great time.