Sunday, September 25, 2011

Escape to Long Beach~ {Sunday Snapshot}

Once a year my work puts on a huge design convention- “Escape,” here was last years in Portland…


This year we met in Long Beach. The theme was “Empower the Designer”, last years- “We’re not participating in the Recession” :). It’s a fun business trip to take refresher classes, update technology, meet other designers, visit vendors, share ideas and participate in focus groups. Plus, feel a little pampered with banquets, prizes/awards, and a nice break from everyday work.


the highlight was dinner & dancing on the Queen Mary


Designing Women, it was great having all 6 designers from our state come this year, here’s a few of us


Well, we should let our boss in. Nice hat Frankie!


It was a delightful week!


Before returning, we stopped at a few design places we don’t have at home, of course we had to stop at Trader Joe’s. There’s a story behind this card I bought, I’ll have to share later so I don’t get sidetracked. I picked up some nice souvenirs to bring home to my family, wish they could’ve joined me. Although I really look forward to this yearly event, it’s never easy leaving my family.


Way to go Paul! for getting the girls ready for their fairy party, and doing their hair each morning, I know that may have been the biggest challenge while I was gone, you did great! I’m so thankful for Paul & Josh (17) for doing double duty and taking care of things while I was gone, I know it was a lot of work and running around, but everyone was in good hands and I appreciate your support and help, and hearing about the good times you had. And thanks Grandma for helping on Friday. It was so nice coming home to my happy family!

Sunday Snapshot

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