Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zorro at HCT


Sophie (left) and Sage (rt) with one of the Gypsy Queens


The kids with Zorro!


Sage in the theater in the round.  We got the last 5 seats so we had to split up- Sophie, Trevor, and Paul were a few rows above us.  Good thing there’s no bad seats in the house. 

Trevor had to attend a play for his theater class (love homework like this), so we saw Zorro last week-end.  This musical debuted in London, Moscow, Tokyo, Rio… and the Hale Center Theater brought it to the US.  Such an awesome show, we all enjoyed it.  Too funny… during the passionate kissing scene, Zorro’s first kiss with his lost love, immediately Sage and Sophie (a few rows back) said “Eeeew!”.  Everyone around us giggled (oops).  We’ll see how long the girls think that…

The play ended late so the girls dozed off in the end, but they were glued for the most part.  Fun homework Trevor, glad you enjoyed it and we can join you!       

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