Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back from Paradise…

Before Josh leaves on his mission, we planned a Caribbean cruise to go on with the family.  It was unanimous, Best. Vacation. Ever…


I’ll post later about our excursions, but first boarding this beautiful ship below

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Disney Magic 2013
Bon Voyage party

Bon Voyage party on top deck.  It was windy the first day, but that didn’t stop the fun.  Although it was a full ship they accommodated everyone very well without feeling over crowded (except for the elevators, good excuse to use the stairs).  Disney Magic holds 2,400 passengers, has 11 decks, and is almost 1000’ long.  They have 945 crew members from all over the world.  Exciting! 



First night dining at Animator’s Palate, the walls and paintbrush columns lit up with different Disney scenes, then a special surprise visit from Mickey. 

We took the red eye flight from Vegas, so a bit drowsy the first day.

Pictionary in the Promenade Lounge.  Team awesome (us) beat team amazing Winking smile



Refreshed for day 2, Parrot Cay.  You could see the ocean from both side of the restaurant



A dress up dinner with the family, looks like all we did was eat…  almost ;) but that was a good time for pictures.  The food was wonderful as we dined in different restaurants with different cuisine each night, but with the same fun servers.



The ship had 4 or 5 pools, this was a fun one for the kids.



With the head chef.  Paul and I enjoyed a date night with some fine dining at Palo’s (top deck, beautiful ocean view), while the kids enjoyed their Pirate Party dinner.  Blissful evening with my baby! 


There were often sweet surprises in our room.  They carved the carrot into a mermaid, impressive.  Top notch service!



Our awesome waiter, it was fun getting to know them as they seemed to thoroughly enjoy our family



Nick (who usually doesn’t like his pic taken) photo bombing the girls with the Captain. 

The shows on the ship were charming, funny, and entertaining, in the state of the art Walt Disney Theater.  Twice charmed has won best show on any cruise ship.



What is breakfast without a Mickey waffle?



The girls thought it was cool seeing all the princesses and Disney characters on the ship.



A room with a view.  We enjoyed relaxing on the veranda while at Sea, the boys had a room next door.  Such a good mix of family, social, beach time, and R & R!  

Bon Voyage

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likeschocolate said...

Fun ! What a great time you had! Yes! That is my cell number. Haven't even looked at the program. Arrived today. Staying in Draper tonight then moving to Provo tomorrow night after going to the Spa. 678-780/8776. Would love to see you! Kelleyn