Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Sophie and Sage- PJ Party!

Can you believe they’re 11 already?  In August, it will be 8 years since our daughters have been home, I remember it like it was yesterday.  Such blessings!!

As busy as May is for mom’s and kids in school w/- year end school projects, testing, team tryouts, tournaments, volunteering, Spirit week, teacher appreciation (along with selling/ showing a house)…, we didn’t let that stop us from planning a fun b-day party for our girls 11th birthday.  It came up fast, right after Spring Break, so I let the girls do most of the planning.  We had fun putting it together.     


They wanted a home party, originally thinking of a Waffle Luv party, having the mobile truck park on the private lane and the girls can enjoy their delicious waffles, but WL was at their school just the other day for Jogapalooza (big school fundraiser), so we went with plan B, a fun PJ unslumber party.


They wanted to invite their soccer and school friends, so I had to limit the number (not easy, they wanted to invite more).  But a total of 20 was the limit.  It’s sometimes hard mixing friends, but Sophie and Sage made an effort so everyone felt welcomed and had fun, and they blended great together (soccer and gymnastic/dance girls).  They are loved and truly have wonderful friends!!   



They started with a get to know you ball toss game, then played the peanut game.  When planning, my girls asked about birthday parties I had while growing up (what fun memories), they wanted many of the same games.  Such fun traditions!


Balloon pop!  Hmmm, Sage’s balloon is awfully small, lol


Sophie & R are out- heart her smile!


Water balloon toss, a Family Reunion favorite.  Awww, out of all of her favorite friends, Sophie ran and got Trevor to be her partner.  Although, I think they had something up their sleeve, planned while they filled the balloons, look at that pass.


We have a winner.  Good job R & K!


After the Treasure Hunt, was a bubble gum contest with a twist… 


the gum hidden in whipped topping, no hands


Sage- too busy giggling to blow

After pizza,watermelon, etc., they had some fun outside before singing happy birthday and opening gifts.


Cute soccer cupcakes with ice-cream bars.  Simple and sweet!


S & S thanked us many times for the fun party, saying it was their best birthday yet!  We’re so thankful for great friends. 

Happy Birthday Sophie and Sage!  As your awesome piano teacher put it… we hit the jackpot when we got you two!  Couldn’t agree with him more.  Love you forever, love you for always!


likeschocolate said...

I want to be 11 and come to that party. Looks like they had so much fun! Happy Birthday to your girls!

M3 said...

Awesome party!! Looks like S and S had a ball and so did all of their friends. Great job mama. :-) Happy birthday to the girls.