Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweet Sundays

Yup, we’re still here… 


Now that these cuties are in school, my office cleaned and organized, house back in order, I can get caught up on the girls blog.  So here’s to some speed blogging and catching up with my favorite bloggers!  Some summer happenings for now...

  pic from June when Sage broke her arm mountain bikingSad smile


Summer tans, just ignore those white legs


It’s a twin thing.  Although they are very different, so cute how they do things so identical.


Love this with their dad!


Sweet mountain views.  They’re building a park in this field behind us.  I like the field, but the park will be nice.


Sage retrieving her ball.  They never leave home without their soccer ball.

Our summer in a nutshell:

Girls- Soccer camps, Lateovers, Tournaments, Gymnastics, B-day parties, Swimming... Trevor- Drivers Ed, EFY, Care4Kenya, Mountain Biking Team, Scout Camps, Youth Conference…  Family- Cancun, Service projects, BBQ’s, Backyard Camping…  Me- Education Week, Soccer Mom, Chauffeur, Enrichment Counselor, Teacher, enjoying my family!

It’s been a great summer, looking forward to keeping the memories alive!  Hope you all (my whole 2 readers left, jkWinking smile) had a wonderful summer!! 


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Busy as it should be! Glad you had a great summer!

Patty said...

I still follow your blog. So glad to get caught up.

Cindy from central NC said...

They are our girls are growing up so lovely. You all look great. Nice catching up on your blog. I'm just now back to posting here and there and I'm glad to be 'back' a bit.