Sunday, January 28, 2007

They love their dresses!

Don't forget to smell the flowers, even if they're fake
(notice the top left pic)
Sophie and Sage love getting dressed up and going to church. They're not so sure about sitting still for soooo long (can you blame them), but they're getting better, and they love singing time in Primary. They're even getting used to their sweet new Sunbeam teachers. Today Sage even took her hand while going to class :). Everything's fine as long as mom or dad are in reaching distance at all times. This means, dad get's to go to sunbeam class with the girls since mom is busy in the Primary. Thanks dad!

Never too early to start!

Look sis, you hold your hands like this

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Thressa A Shupe said...

I loved these dresses. They are such happy girls. the where so good in primary ths week